Hottest Destinations for Summer 2016 Travel

seagull-992407_960_720For years, Summer has been the most popular season for travel around the world, thanks to an abundance of warm weather, breaks from school and other obligations, and some of the most exciting activities of the year. 2016 will likely be no different, in keeping with this tradition of summertime getaways, but the most popular destinations according to industry experts, are a bit of a break from the norm. And that’s a good thing!


  1. Havana, Cuba
    cuban-1376110_960_720Nearly everyone from the states has been trying to get to this previously off-limits island, just miles from the south of Florida. Earlier this year, the federal government made it easier to travel to Cuba, providing that you have one of its dozen or so reasons to visit. And just today, six U.S. airlines received approval for direct flights to the island, which deeply rooted in culture.

    havana-222462_960_720Things to know: Cuba’s infrastructure is not exactly prepared for droves of tourists, and hotel space may be limited, as a result. Consider staying in someone’s home, using services like Airbnb to scope at the location, reviews of the hosts, and the home’s proximity to certain interests/attractions.
  2. Queensland, Australia
    A direct from Los Angeles to Queensland is a little more than 15fish-382487_960_720 hours and over $1,000, so it’s not exactly close nor cheap, but it is worth it. Situated in the Northeast of the commonwealth, the state is not the most popular for tourists–that honor goes to Sydney, which is located in New South Wales, and Melbourne, which is just to the South in Victoria–but the tropical destination Cairns, the Gold Coast, and capital city, Brisbane, are full of life and internationally known for their beauty and diversity.

    surfers-paradise-785957_960_720Things to know: The summer months are considered the areas dry season, so flooding and rain should not hamper your vacation. Be sure to visit to the Great Barrier Reef and the state’s fantastic beaches.
  3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    With the Summer Olympics taking place here this August, it may rio-de-janeiro-1145746_960_720be best to visit before to avoid crowded lines or worse, ransacked areas, once the games are over. Should you be so lucky to still get a place during that time, it may be much more expensive, given the demand. Nevertheless. Rio is absolutely beautiful and full of vibrant music, colors, food, and people. It’s highly likely that if you’re visiting, you’ll want to enjoy the pleasure of its iconic beaches, and you certainly should.

    carnival-476816_960_720Things to know: The Zika virus is still a pretty big scare for most travelers, and taking the necessary precautions to avoid acquiring the virus, cannot be overstated. Also, poverty and crime exists alongside the area’s tourist-ready beauty, so be very careful and aware of your surroundings.

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