Beautiful Travel Destinations For The New Year

One of the most popular resolutions I have heard in the new year is “to travel more.” This is a perfect goal for any year. Not only will getting out of the humdrum of daily life give you a new appreciation for living, traveling has also been proven to be good for your health. It is known to boost mood, make people more active on a daily basis, and give the traveler some much-needed rest. There is no doubt that resolving to be a jetsetter in 2016 will be rejuvenating, but what place should you visit first?

Deciding where to travel can be nerve-wracking, so I have compiled a short list of beautiful and unconventional travel destinations to consider before you plan your next trip.


Tamil Nadu, India

India is a majestic place to visit, although most tourists defect to visiting the popular North of the country. Take a chance and travel to this state in Southeast India to see its magnificent temples and delve into its rich culture. Tamil Nadu contains several different regions that hold some of the largest temples in the world. It also is home to villages rich in history, with incredibly spicy cuisine.


Dalat, Vietnam

This is a different sort of Vietnamese travel destination in the Central Highlands. Unlike the rest of Vietnam, Dalat has Spring weather year-round and is rich in agriculture. It is commonplace to come here to find foods like strawberries, avocados, and coffee that you would not find anywhere else in Vietnam. This place is centered around a golf course, and has many outdoor activities available, thanks to its perpetually nice weather. This is the place to go if you enjoy things like golfing, hiking, and swimming.


Isla Holbox, Mexico

Apart from the mainland coast of Mexico lies this sliver of land, which is mostly made up of beach. It is an island free of technology and transportation (save for the boat ride you must take to get there) and is a perfect place to go for some peace and quiet. In this place, you will be able to take part in cultural festivals and whatever water activity you can imagine. There is an international art festival held in Isla Holbox every year, which is definitely worth going to see.


The Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Taking a short boat ride off of the coast of Vancouver brings you to these gorgeous Pacific Islands. Each is filled with beaches and villages, and can give you a respite from the increasingly-popular tourist attractions of Vancouver. The Southern Gulf Islands don’t only have sandy shores, they are also home to much greenery. You can make your way across pastures and through forests there and find yourself at cultural destinations, such as breweries, cheeseries, and art galleries. The Southern Gulf Islands are truly a travel gem.

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