4 Helpful (and Free!) Travel Apps

Booking a travel excursion has become so much easier with technology. Now, anyone can go online, buy a plane ticket, book a hotel, and even rent a car in their travel destination within ten minutes. Of course, even with tickets and a hotel, there are still different facets of a trip that could be made easier with a little help. Thankfully, travel applications exist on cell phones to guide us through every journey on which we embark. Below, I have compiled a list of four such applications that add to the ease of a vacation.


This application is the better version of Google Maps in foreign cities. It covers information in over 30 popular cities that are labeled travel destinations. Not only will it help you map out an entire city excursion, it will show you transit departure times, which are updated regularly, and the prices of getting from place to place. It tells you how long a trip will take using all forms of transportation, including biking and walking, and has the calorie-burning information for each. This is truly a useful and entertaining application that helps you find your way around a new city.

XE Currency

If you are worried about conversion rates when traveling, this application is for you. It is an easy to use program that is able to convert every world currency. It also saves the last updated rates you have searched for easy usage offline. It additionally has features for those in the business world, such as the rates of precious metals

App in the Air

Traveling more often than not means at least an hour of sitting on a plane. This also means that you must face the hassle of airplane travel. You have to account for the time it takes to get to an airport, and you may be faced with delays and gate changes when you’re there. Thankfully, App in the Air exists. This handy application tracks all flights and gives you updated flight statuses, even without internet. It will help you manage your travel time, and reduces the stress of travel immensely.

Time Out

If you are traveling to a new city, chances are you will want to experience as many events as you can. The Time Out application can help you do just that. This is a guide to all bars, restaurants, events, and attractions in various locations all over the world. You can buy tickets and make reservations through the application. It is your one stop shop to entertainment.

For more applications to download for your next travel adventure, check out theguardian.com.


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