4 Exciting Travel Destinations for Every Season

Alex Atkind's travel accessoriesGoing on vacation (or holiday, depending on where you’re from) is such a relaxing and necessary part of life. Having the opportunity to take a break from work, from the hustle and bustle of daily life, even briefly, is truly one of the things that make us appreciate life much more. However, while the respite is meant to bring calm and happiness, the planning portion can be stressful and worrisome.

The first issue is deciding where to go, then it’s figuring out the best time to embark on the journey and begin making new memories. Afterward, it’s all about price comparisons and months of research about weather, great food, and what, exactly, you need to pack in case you decide to visit the beach, or for evenings which are chillier than the day temperatures.  Thus, I’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you, by highlighting destinations and great times to visit, to get the most of the experience.

Fall: Reykjavik, Iceland

Most tourists flock to Iceland during the summer months, driving up costs and crowding attractions. Thus, I recommend visiting in the offseason, during the fall. While you’ll be missing out on the impressive 24 hours of sunlight, the country’s Northern Lights festival appears to be growing in popularity among visitors. Though off the radar for a number of years, Iceland has seen a sharp increase in the number of visitors, with increases of 20 percent each year, over the last 4 years. If you’re a lover of nature and fun outdoors, you owe to it yourself to experience why millions from all over the world are visiting this small country near the north pole. While in Reykjavik, make it a point to travel to the countryside for some breathtaking vistas.

Winter: Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a north African paradise that you absolutely must visit in your lifetime. Marrakech, one of the country’s finest cities, is a beautiful as it is peaceful. Maintaining much of its charm from Morocco’s imperial era, you can explore historic palaces and expansive markets, or souks, with traditional Moroccan finds, said to be largest in the country. Still, the city full of history, offers some forms of entertainment and enjoyment fit for a winter break, that you will most likely adore. Make it a point to spend time at the Jemaa El Fna, the main square of Marrakech. Here you will see snake charmers, medicine men, “dentists” (tooth pullers), and many different types of acrobats, entertainers, and musicians. It is truly a carnival atmosphere. Plus, the food is enough to make you never want to leave

Spring: Barcelona, Spain

While not as large or urban as Spain’s capital city, Madrid, Barcelona offers a unique look at Spanish culture and, to many visitors, a more magical experience, as the city along the Mediterranean.  With tons of beautiful, medieval buildings–and some more modern architecture, dating back to the 19th and mid-20th centuries–Spain’s second largest city is the best of both worlds: respective of a culture that dates back nearly 5,000 years B.C., but modern enough to be considered world class, due to its continuous evolution and quite unique art and entertainment experiences.

Summer: Bali, Indonesia

This destination isn’t referred to as The Island of Peace without reason. Bali is filled with all the tropical desires one might find in Hawaii, like great beaches, volcanoes, and waters for surfing, but its historic and breathtaking culture, a sort of amalgam of Japanese, Indian, and Chinese (the country from which most of its tourist come), is quite a treat for visitors in a variety of ways. The city of 4 million and counting offers endless doses of art and entertainment for its tourists, which now make up a large part of its economy, that you’ll likely remember for years to come. There’s simply nothing like it.

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