3 Camera Apps For Traveling

When you’re traveling the world, you want to capture each moment of your trip to preserve memories that will last a lifetime. It is also important to remember every moment so you can show your friends and family the amazing places you visited and activities you were able to experience.

About five years ago, the only device with which you could take a picture was a hand-held camera or a phone. In that era, you had to wait to share the photos with your peers through a message or in person. Thanks to the creation of apps, capturing any moment during your trip has become a lot easier. To give you some insight on apps that have changed the way we take photos, I have created a list of some that could be beneficial to you while traveling.


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One of the most used apps for capturing photos and videos now has more than 300 million users. Instagram was created in 2010 and has been growing ever since. This app became a visual platform for celebrities, newsrooms, brands, musicians, photographers, travelers, and more. As long as you have your camera working on any smart device, such as an iPhone or Android, you will be able to use this app for free.



Snapchat was created in September of 2011 and has been rapidly growing ever since. It was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown for a final project assignment  in college, and brought them great success in the social media world. Snapchat separates itself from its competition because you’re able to be more discreet about your life and still have fun. Teens caught onto to this app first, and soon enough adults started having their own fun with it. The “My Story” feed is a feature on the app that allows you to post photos and videos that are viewable by the public for 24 hours. You can remove or save the videos on the feed at any time before the 24 hour mark has passed. So, during your trip, you could post snaps every day to keep people updated on your exciting adventures.



Through this app, you have the luxury of using the photos you have taken to create a photo book instantly. You can also take photos from other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, to create photography books. The great part about the ability to make a photo book is that you’re able to print these photos out and store them in a physical book instead of only having the photos on your device. You can also share your photo book with other users and find out key places to travel for your next adventure.

These three apps, are a mere few of the ones you can use to capture memories. However, I think these are the best apps to share your experience with friends and family while traveling.
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